Visa-exempt countries for Turkish Citizen


You have a busy business travel schedule, in the next few months you will attend fairs, events in many countries or visit your customers abroad. So, regardless of what kind of passport to 2020 owned, precisely to each citizen of the Republic of Turkey Did you know that 100 countries are visa-free for Turkish citizens? First, let's talk about the types of privileges granted to Turkish citizens

1. Visa-free travel countries:
Countries where you can enter only with your passport and suitcase without any processing,
2. Countries that can be visited with an Online Visa:
Countries where you can easily enter by obtaining an online visa after completing the form on the internet before setting off and paying the specified fee,
3. Countries can be visited with Visa at the Border:
Countries where you have the opportunity to obtain a visa at the border gates (you have traveled, got off the plane, you can get your visa at the gate and enter the country immediately while passing through the checkpoints at the airport)
4. Countries that can be visited without a passport:
Countries where you can enter only with chip IDs (There are 3 countries, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Ukraine and Georgia, where Turkish citizens can enter with only chip IDs without passports and visa).

Here is the list of the countries that visa-free:


Antigua and Barbuda: 90 days - Visa-free

Argentina: 90 days - Visa-free

Bahamas: 240 days - Visa at the Door

If you prove that you are traveling for touristic purposes, it is possible to get your Bahamas visa for up to 8 months.

Barbados: 6 months - Visa-free

Belize: 90 days - Visa-free

Bolivia: 90 days - Visa-free

Brazil: 90 days - Visa-free

Dominica: 21 days - Visa-free

Dominican Republic: 30 days - Visa at the Door ($ 10)

Ecuador: 90 days - Visa-free

El Salvador: 90 days - Visa-free

Guatemala: 90 days - Visa-free

Haiti: 90 days - Visa at the Door

Honduras: 90 days - Visa-free

Jamaica: 90 days - Visa-free

Colombia: 90 days - Visa-free

Costa Rica: 90 days - Visa-free

Mexico: 30 days - Online Visa

Nicaragua: 90 days - Visa-free

Panama: 180 days - Visa-free

Paraguay: 90 days - Visa-free

Peru: 90 days - Visa-free

Saint Kitts (Saint Christoper) and Nevis Islands: 90 days - Visa-free

Saint Lucia: 6 weeks - Visa-free

Chile: 90 days - Visa-free

Trinidad and Tobago: 30 days - Visa-free

Uruguay: 90 days - Visa-free

Venezuela: 90 days - Visa-free


Albania: 90 days - Visa-free

Belarus - 30 days (cannot exceed 90 days in a year.)

Bosnia and Herzegovina: 90 days - Visa-free (provided that it does not exceed 90 days within 180 days.)

Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus: Free Movement - Visa-free, passport-free

Montenegro: 90 days - Visa-free

Kosovo: 90 days - Visa-free

Republic of Macedonia: 90 days - Visa-free

Moldova: 90 days - Visa-free

Serbia: 90 days - Visa-free

Ukraine: 90 days - Visa-free


Azerbaijan: 30 days

Bahrain: 30 days - Visa at the Door

Brunel: 30 days - Visa-free

Indonesia: 30 days - Visa-free

Philippines: 30 days - Visa-free

Georgia: 1 year - Visa-free

South Korea: 90 days - Visa-free

Hong Kong: 90 days - Visa-free

Iraq: 10 days - Visa at the Door

Islamic Republic of Iran: 90 days - Visa-free

Japan: 90 days - Visa-free

Cambodia: 30 days - Visa at the Door

Qatar: 90 days - Visa-free

Kazakhstan: 30 days - Visa-free

Kyrgyzstan: 90 days - Visa-free

Kuwait: 30 days - Visa

Laos: 30 days - Visa at the Door

Lebanon: 90 days - Visa-free

Macau: 30 days - Visa-free

Maldives: 30 days - Visa at the Door

Malaysia: 90 days - Visa-free

Mongolia: 30 days - Visa-free

Myanmar: 28 days - Online Visa

Nepal: 15, 30, 90 days - Visa at the Door

Uzbekistan: 30 days - Visa-free

Russia: 30 days - Online Visa

Singapore: 90 days - Visa-free

Sri Lanka: 30 days - Visa at the Door or Online Visa

Syria: 90 days - Visa-free

Tajikistan: 60 days - Visa at the Door or Online Visa

Thailand: 30 days - Visa-free

Taiwan: 30 days - Visa at the Door

Oman: 30 days - Visa at the Door

Jordan: 90 days - Visa-free


Botswana: 90 days - Visa-free (not exceeding 90 days within 365 days.)

Esvatini: 30 days - Visa at the Door

Morocco: 90 days - Visa-free

Ivory Coast: Online Visa

Your visa is prepared and sent by e-mail within 48 hours of the application.

Republic of South Africa: 30 days - Visa at the Door

Kenya: Online Visa

Federated Islamic Republic of Comoros: Visa at the Door

Madagascar: 90 days - Visa at the Door

Mauritius: 30 days - Visa-free

Namibia: 90 days - Online Visa

Rwanda: Online Visa

Sao Tome and Principe: 15 days - Visa-free

Senegal: Visa at the Door

Seychelles: 90 days - Visa-free

Sudan: 30 days - Visa at the Door

Tanzania: 90 days - Visa at the Door

Togo: Visa at the Door

Tunisia: 90 days - Visa-free

Zambia: Online Visa

Zimbabwe: Visa at the Door


Fiji: 90 days - Visa-free

Palau: 30 days - Visa at the Door

Samoa: 90 days - Visa-free

Tonga: 31 days - Visa at the Door

Tuvalu: 30 days - Visa-free

Vanuatu: 30 days - Visa-free

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