What is Corporate Travel Policy? How to Create an Effective Policy?


Basically, corporate travel policy is a guide to help traveling employees make optimum decisions when planning their business travel. A corporate travel policy aims to manage within a certain budget for flight, accommodation, restaurant and event expenses within the scope of business travel. Naturally, this guide helps your company budget monthly and annual travel expenses.

Establishing a complete corporate travel policy from start to finish can be daunting. To make this process a little easier, we wanted to create an exemplary corporate travel policy template.

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Let's go over the basic steps together:

“Our Employee Travel Policy covers advances and refunds for your business travel expenses. This policy applies to all employees who have to incur any expenses on business-related travel.”

Corporate travel policies differ for each company. While determining the main lines, company-specific issues such as the number of employees traveling, employee preferences and most importantly the size of the budget allocated by the company are taken into account. Before going into details, it is important to understand the basic elements of corporate travel policy.

Basic Rules:

  • It is important that the expenditures are made within the framework of ethical rules.
  • In collective travels, the highest level employee pays all bills, and the highest level employee presents the same expenses.
  • Every expenditure must be documented.
  • Expenses must be submitted maximum () days after the end of the trip.
  • Approved costs () are reimbursed to employees after days.

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All expenses that are documented and in accordance with the corporate travel policy are paid to employees after approval. These rules and documentation requirements apply to all types of expenses (cash payment, payment by company card, etc.).

The most important part of the travel policy is the clear explanation of the limits according to the type of expenditure, which expenses are covered and which expenses are not possible to reimburse. If we look at the basic expenditure items in general:

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Here you need to summarize how much employees can spend on flights and extras. What kind of plane ticket can be bought? Which airlines can be used for domestic and international flights? What are the exceptions and exceptions?


Hotel costs vary according to country, location, facilities offered and time to travel. One of the most common methods is to give your employees the name of the overnight accommodation price range and the hotel chains where they can stay. Of course, it is important to clarify the special cases. For example, if the corporate travel policy is based only on city centers for accommodation, but if the customers to be visited, events such as fairs are outside the city, employees should be able to clearly find out how to act in this case.

Food and Events

Clearly state how much will be spent on each food, in abroad or in domestic. Likewise, it is important for employees to know which expenses will be covered by the company. How much food expenses does the institution cover? Can snacks be expense? Which drinks are expensed? At this point, let us state that many large institutions give their employees a daily limit and do not interfere with how much food is eaten within this limit or how this limit is spent.


Can your employees use a taxi? Or just public transport? Is there an upper limit for transport spending? What are the exceptions? These are the main questions you should answer in this section of your travel policy.

Free time

Many people want to have some free time at the end of their business trip. Especially during their trips abroad, every employee wants to get to know the city they go to. Whether free time expenses will be covered by the company is entirely up to your company. However, at this point, it is important to determine the types of expenses that are covered and uncovered together with exceptions and to set a limit on the expenses covered.

International Travels

It will be more beneficial for your company to open a separate parenthesis to travel abroad. Because there are some characteristics that distinguish foreign visits from domestic visits. For example, if the employee does not have a passport, how many years does the company cover passport expenses? What is the way the employee should follow if the taxi expenses cannot be covered in the country visited? Do daily spending limits change when transporting? Can the extras made on long flights be expense by the employee? Your policy should clearly state what requirements it will meet and in which cases there may be exceptions. It will be sufficient for a basic corporate travel policy to explain the headings detailed below in a clear way in the light of the above information.

Aşağıda detaylanan başlıkların yukarıdaki bilgiler eşliğinde anlaşılır biçimde açıklanması temel bir kurumsal seyahat politikası için yeterli olacaktır.


  • 1. Types of Expenditure
    • a. Business-related Expenses
    • b. Domestic Travel Expenses
    • c. Travel Expenses Abroad
    • d. Uncovered expenses
  • 2. Transportation
  • 3. Accommodation
  • 4. Food and Drink

Once you have a well thought out corporate travel policy, make sure that employees are aware of this guide, and where they can access it when they need it.

At this point, we would like to point out that. Utilizing technology to manage your travel policy effectively saves you time and money. Thanks to a flexible travel management software tailored to your company's needs, it is easy for your traveling employees to make travel plans, as well as to control and manage all expenses.

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