Is there any requirement for company scale to use Bizigo?
No, any small, medium or big scaled company can benefit of Bizigo advantages. Thanks to the advanced technology and experienced team, it can easily be integrated to all companies.
Yes, Bizigo can easily integrate with all ERP systems. It ensures to manage all departments' corporate travel operations and approval processes on same platform simultaneously.
Can Bizigo integrate with my company's human resources' and other departments' ERP systems?
Does Bizigo's integration take a long time?
No, Bizigo has an infrastructure that can easily and quickly integrate with all ERP systems. Even in most complicated systems, our experienced staff ensures the integration without interrupting your workflow.
May I decide my suppliers while using Bizigo and benefit from my company's special prices?
Absolutely, your contractual suppliers and your special prices are uploaded to your Bizigo account in line with your requests, thus you and your corporate travelers can book directly through Bizigo.
Can I benefit from loyalty programs which I subscribe while using Bizigo, are these programs recorded into system?
Yes, it is very easy to book in Bizigo with your reward and loyalty program accounts! When you add them to your profile, Bizigo will apply them automatically in all of your bookings!
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